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Our online tests allow your kids to test their math skills. We make sure that your kids are having fun while studying by combining testing and practice sessions with cleverly designed math games.
Math is Fun
This site is an online mathematics and science school
where you can study without leaving your home (online education).
"Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, I assure you that mine are greater". Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)
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Math Games
You can find a lot of fun and interesting flash math games here!
Submarine Fight
Submarine Fight - Math Game You are on a ship full of important things, but there is a vicious storm outside.

Solve math problems to stear the ship to your location. Get one wrong and you will lose a life. lose 5 lives to get a gameover.
Cannon Game
Math Cannon - Flash Game Math Cannon

Try to shoot all the targets with your cannonballs.
To shoot press "shoot" on the cannon. If you win, you can try again and try for more points.
Space Game
Space Game - Flash Game You are a space ship and the enemy space ship is attacking you to hit the right spaceship hit the one that has the answer to the problem on the top of the screen.

You can shoot space blasts with the space button on the keyboard to make the enemys go back a little bit, to charge the blast hold down the space key. Charged shots are bigger than normal ones and send the enemys back more.
Road Shooter
Road Shooter - Math Game Blocks have been scattered on the road. you are a the mathinater car and you have to destroy them. to destroy the blocks hit the one with the answer to the problem on the top of the screen
Math Block Busters
Math Block Busters - Math Game Move the green block to the right red block using the right arrow key to move right, the left arrow key to move left, and the down key to go down faster.

The green block has the first number, the red blocks have the sign and the second number and the bottom has the answer.
Snownball Fight
Snownball Fight - Math Game You and you're friend are in a snowball fight.

You are the black stick person and you're friend is the red. Get the math problem right to throw a snowball. If you get the problem wrong... he gets a throw. If you or your enemy gets hit, you lose a life. Lose all you're lives to get a gameover. Win all your friend's lives and you win.

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