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Our online tests allow your kids to test their math skills. We make sure that your kids are having fun while studying by combining testing and practice sessions with cleverly designed math games.
Math is Fun
This site is an online mathematics and science school
where you can study without leaving your home (online education).
"Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, I assure you that mine are greater". Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)
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Educational Game Network “Math Plus Fun”
A social game network for kids with an interest in mathematics that allows them to play math games,compete, win awards and have fun!

In 1993 we began the Tutoring Center of Mathematics and Science (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) to provide educational support in math, science, and standardized testing to students of all ages. During our years of service, we have helped thousands of students advance academically and earn scholarships and admission to prestigious universities.

About the Project
Development of the social educational game network “Math Plus Fun” is a great way to connect talented kids with a common interest in mathematics and science. It allows kids to play mathematical games, compete against each other, win awards and have fun learning math! The talented children, regardless of their socioeconomic standing, will be able to participate and the project can potentially reach of millions talented kids in America.
What Has Been Done
Since we began the educational website in 2003, the number of children playing mathematical games per year grew from 6,000 to 130,000. This growth indicates that children enjoy playing math based games and learning mathematics.
What Can Be Done
Our main goal is to create an environment where kids can learn and still have fun. Kids of any age can securely develop their own “characters” and travel in the world of mathematics. Step by step moving from elementary math games to more advanced games, kids gains points to move to highest level. Your “character” can meet hundreds of others players and compete in online “Math Olympics”; the highest level attainable. Winners can earn awards and all kids from “competition room” can move forward to next mathematical level.
What You Can Do
Donate to the "Math Plus Fun" educational project - online search for Talented Young Mathematician!

The mathematical lessons and basic math games provided on the website are available free of charge!

Yet it does cost money to keep our educational website running!

If you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation of your choice.

We accept PayPal, Debit or Credit Card donations,
Or send a check made out to "" and mail to:
MathPlusFun, Center of Mathematics
830 S. Buffalo Grove Rd., Suite 108
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 USA

The amount you give is entirely up to you!

It would help to keep website running and in the development of the social educational game network “Math Plus Fun” - the great way to connect talented kids with a common interest in mathematics and science.

Thank you!

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